Feb 14, 2017

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm a fan of this cutesy holiday.

Grumpy Cat Valentine's Day Funny

This year my work is my valentine (it's getting serious, guys - swoon) but here are some ideas for those of you who decided to celebrate at the last minute! Or - cough, cough - forgot about the holiday until your office exploded into a puff of pink and red confetti hearts this morning.

A long walk, ending at a cute dessert cafe or tea shop.

Long walks are perfect for just having time together to both enjoy each other's company in shared silence and to chat about everything and anything. They're wonderful! They also require extremely little planning and are doable on any budget.

There are more and less romantic places to take a walk, so no - I am not suggesting that you have a lovely stroll along the highway with your valentine. Pick a park (Central Park is perfect for New Yorkers!), walk along the river (Charles River on the Cambridge side is absolutely beautiful for Bostonians!), or find some other scenic route that isn't a part of either of your daily commutes.

When you've walked to your heart's content, end the night with a sweet treat or a warming cup of spiced chai!

Feb 10, 2017

More Delicious Mornings with Erin Baker's: A Review

I love getting mail. I also love breakfast foods and mornings. So getting this in the mail was wonderful!

Erin Bakers New Products Review

Erin Baker's focuses on making delicious foods out of whole grains and without preservatives. Whether they're eaten as a standalone snack or part of your breakfast, they're food that nourishes you and fuels you for a great day ahead.

The two new products I got to try were The Original Breakfast Cookies Minis:

Healthy Breakfast Cookies

They taste just like the full size cookies - hearty, just the right amount of sweet, and always fresh (never stale) but they're a smaller size that's great for crumbling over yogurt or oatmeal or slipping into a lunchbox as a sweet, but nutritious, snack. 

Feb 7, 2017

Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is just a week away! It's one of those holidays that everyone either loves or hates. Right?

I'd be in the 'love it' group, but let's face it - Valentine's Day is no Christmas. So, instead, I'd say I thoroughly enjoy Valentine's Day but don't care quite enough to say I love it, nor do I obsess or remember to plan for it more than a week or two in advance.

...good thing I'm not trying to get restaurant reservations for Valentine's day. Those go so fast! Some really popular restaurants book up a solid month or two before the holiday - madness!

On the off-chance that you, similarly, don't have Valentine's Day reservations because you (a) don't want to spend the evening eating an overpriced, supposedly romantic meal in a packed restaurant with waiters buzzing around you, eager to get you in and out so the next couple can have your table or (b) forgot to make them, here are some fun alternative date night ideas for Valentine's Day!

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