Aug 24, 2016

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Cambridge

I just moved back to Cambridge, MA and, while I already miss NYC and hope to live there again someday, there are many great things about living in Cambridge!

Cambridge is a very green city and also very close to Boston, in case you want the downtown city sort of feeling! There are many different squares in Cambridge - Harvard, Central, Kendall, and more - and each one has its own character and is complete with its own cute cafes, boutiques, and neighborhood quirks! For someone who doesn't have a car (me) it also has green public transit and lots of bike paths.

If you have decided to move to Cambridge, too, read on for five handy things to know before your move!

Aug 21, 2016

Travel Wrap-Up: My Trip to Germany!

Tomorrow I start my new job at a tech startup in Cambridge, MA! I've already moved into my new apartment and love it. The location is great, my roommate is really nice, the common spaces are lovely, and (for the first time in a while) I've finally taken the time to really decorate my room in a way that reflects my personality and makes me happy!

I have a cat hanging from my light switch! So yes, I love my new home. I'm also so excited to start my new job tomorrow and learn a lot!

Before that, here's a photo dump post of some beautiful images from my summer vacation with my family in Germany! I'm already looking forward to visiting them again next summer. <3 p="">

I love strolling around the Schloss Derneburg property!

Aug 17, 2016

Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon with Cabernet Reduction

Whether it's a dinner party, date night, a birthday, or just a wear-high-heels-and-have-perfect-posture Tuesday, sometimes breakfast for dinner or a simple pasta dish doesn't cut it.

This blue cheese crusted filet mignon with cabernet reduction is loved by all of my taste testers, spanning three generations and many different food preferences, and it's a pretty dish perfect for any fancy evening in!

I'm not going to pretend that this is 'quick and easy' as you should definitely give yourself a solid hour to prepare this dish along with the sides (I recommend mashed potatoes and garlic spinach), but the big smiles and rave reviews are well worth the effort. Read on for how to make a restaurant-quality steak dinner at home!

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